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Caroline County Fire and Rescue is a combination department relying on the dedicated service of career and volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel. The spirit of volunteerism runs deep in Caroline with the first volunteer fire department being founded in 1947. It can be simplest said that without a strong volunteer presence in the county these vital emergency services that the citizens rely on would not be consistently available.

We at Caroline County Fire and Rescue, are dedicated to continuing to grow our volunteer ranks by offering high quality training opportunities for citizens who want to become involved in the emergency medical or fire service. In addition to quality training, we offer various incentives to county volunteers such as tuition reimbursement and a waiver of county sticker fees for a single vehicle.

You will see our recruitment team out and about at most county events such as Ladysmith Day, Caroline County Agricultural Fair, and the Harvest Festival. If you would like to learn to serve the community please seek us out or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Why Volunteer?

Do you have a passion for community service? Do you desire the opportunity to do meaningful work while challenging yourself? Are you interested in discovering your personal strengths and capabilities?

If you have answered yes to these questions, considering becoming a volunteer for Caroline County Fire & Rescue. Volunteer firefighting and EMS can be a rewarding opportunity to learn about yourself, gain a family of brothers and sisters that share the same passion as you, and allow you to grow both personally and professionally. Caroline County Fire-EMS volunteers work alongside career staff to help deliver emergency services to the citizens of the county. They train together to develop and improve skills. They hold each other accountable and build a camaraderie that cannot be found in other professions.

Caroline County Fire & Rescue strives to uphold the tradition of the fire service while adapting to the continual changing of times. If you are interested in being a part of both tradition and positive change while serving your community, submit an application today!


Volunteer Application Process Overview

Step 1: Complete Application

Prospective volunteers can complete their application online at Feel free to contact the Recruitment and Retention Coordinator with any questions at (804) 633-9831.

*Important* Applicants ages 16-17 years old will need to submit a Junior Application. Be sure to download the correct application to ensure a more efficient process. 

Step 2: Fingerprints

Upon receiving your application, Caroline County Fire Rescue will then require you to schedule a fingerprinting appointment in order to obtain your background information. You can schedule an appointment through Prior to submitting your fingerprints all non-certified members (i.e., drivers/firefighters) are required to create an OEMS portal account to obtain a unique 9 digit OEMS number and affiliate in the OEMS portal with their EMS agency. You must provide your personal and unique 9-digit OEMS # when submitting fingerprints to the office of EMS! After submitting your fingerprints, it will usually take 2-3 weeks to process.

Step 3: Background Check

Your background check is then reviewed by Caroline County Fire Rescue personnel to ensure you are eligible to be a member of the department.

Step 4: References

References are called and asked a series of questions. Upon contacting all references and approval by the Recruitment & Retention Coordinator, the candidate’s application is then sent to the Fire – EMS Chief for approval. If approved by the Fire – EMS Chief, applications are then sent to the Company the candidate has chosen to affiliate with for approval.

Step 5: Ticket to Ride

Until voted into membership, there are limitations as to what applicants can do. Speak to your department leader to verify those limitations. In the meantime, you will have 4 months to complete the Ticket-to-Ride which includes the following: Classroom Orientation, BLS CPR, NIMS 100 and 700, Infection Control, Haz Mat, and Line of Duty Death. Extensions may be issued depending on circumstances. Other things that need to be completed include: Photo ID, Immunization Records, Beneficiary Form, W-9 Form, review of County SOPs, and ACTIVE 911 set up. You will also review the Caroline County Radio System, HIPAA, Workplace Diversity, and Sexual Harassment. Upon completion of these steps, you will receive a CCFR Green T-Shirt, a department pager (as requested by a company officer), and Personal Protective Equipment.

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