Training Division

Training Bulletins
June 26, 2015:  Cardizem Kits
July 1, 2015:  Sharps Disposal
July 17, 2015: Medication Cabinets
July 20, 2015: Apparatus Fueling
August 1, 2015:  Ambulance Review
August 18, 2015:  Know Box Review
September 4, 2015:  Zoll X Transmission

September 10, 2015:  VCU Detour Map Sept 19-27, 2015
September 28, 2015:  Cardizem Administration
October 6, 2015: Dopamine Drips
October 19, 2015:  Epi Dosing
November 2, 2015:  PPE Care
November 17, 2015:  Cot Restraints
December 4, 2015:  OTD Traction Device
December 22, 2015:  Dry Hydrants
January 5, 2016:  Hitting the Hydrant
February 22, 2016:  CPAP and Inline Nebs
February 29, 2016:  CAD Codes in Active 911
March 11, 2016:  Ambulance Designation change
March 21, 2016:  Drager Gas Monitors
April 13, 2016:  Primary Response Station
September 1, 2016:  StatTrac Cot Loading System
September 16, 2016: AutoPulse Clearing "ERROR Code 45"
September 21, 2016: HALO Vent Chest Seal and QuikClot Gauze

Caroline County Fire Rescue runs a full time Training Division with multiple courses offered on a continuous basis. We actively pursue in-station/on-duty training opportunities as well as evening and weekend certification and enhancement classes.  Our Training Division focuses on both aspects of our response - Fire and EMS - equally.  To register for any of the below courses, please click on the link and follow the instructions as described.  All classes will give priority registration to members of Caroline County Fire Rescue.  For any questions, please contact the Training Division Officer, Capt. Ed Bonham, using or by calling Fire Administration at  (804) 633-9831.    

Online Hazmat Awarness class - go to and register for a user account on the Knowledge Center. Once in, search for VDFP-FST Hazardous Materials Awareness Bundle to complete the correct, 6 module class.  Once the online portion has been completed, please register for an above Hazmat Awareness Test to gain the certification.  Print copies of your online training to bring to the test. 

Caroline CPR - American Heart Association Training Center
Please call Fire Administration at (804) 633 - 9831 if you are interested in taking CPR or First Aid training or if you would like more information about any of these programs.  Classes open for enrollment are listed above in the Current Course offering list. 

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News Updates

Now accepting applications for full time EMT/Firefighter and Medic/Firefighter

Caroline County Department of Fire and Rescue is currently accepting applications for the position of EMT/Firefighter and Medic/Firefighter (full time).