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CAD / Dispatch
Command Staff Meeting Notes



               January Meeting Minutes
               January Meeting Packet
               NO February Meeting was held


Emergency Management

Shelter and Evacuation

pdficon small Shelter in Place Brochure

General Administrative
Insurance / Workers Comp Claims / FMLA / Physicals
Job Descriptions / Employment Application
Knox Box Program
Operations / Incident Management
Payroll & Leave
Safety / Risk Prevention

pdficon smallCareer - Training - Special Duty Request Form

pdficon smallVolunteer Training Request Form

pdficon small
Cross Staffing Guidance Document - Feb 11, 2016

pdficon smallPre-Hospital LVAD Reference - Mechanical Circulatory Support Organization

Rescue Bridge

pdficon smallRescue Bridge Procedures - Version 1.0 (Jan 9, 2013)

pdficon smallRescue Bridge Training Bulletin #1 (Jan 9, 2013)

pdficon smallRescue Bridge Informational Bulletin #1 (Feb 23, 2013)


pdficon smallRescue Bridge Training Bulletin #2 (March 15, 2013)

pdficon smallRescue Bridge Patient Care Reporting Manual (April 2013)

pdficon smallRescue Bridge Training Bulletin #3 (January 28, 2014)


Draft SOP Comment FormCaroline CyberLock Users Guide

Draft SOP Comment FormCyberKey User Tips

Draft SOP Comment FormCyberPoint User Tips

Draft SOP Comment FormManaging Rechargeable CyberKeys

Draft SOP Comment FormCyberLock Cold Weather Operation (outside padlocks)

Chainsaw Safety

pdficon smallChainsaw Safety Presentation Slides

Release Forms

pdficon small
Ambulance Operator Release

pdficon small
Ambulance Operator Validation Form

pdficon small

BLS Non-Transport Release

pdficon small
BLS Transport Release

pdficon small
BLS AIC Validation Form

pdficon small
Experienced ALS Release (REMS)

pdficon small
Experienced ALS Validation Form

pdficon small
Engine Driver Release

pdficon small
Engine Driver Validatiion Form

pdficon small
Tanker Driver Release

pdficon small
Tanker Driver Validation Form

pdficon small
Squad Operator Release

pdficon small
Squad Operator Validation Form

Ride Along Forms
pdficon small

Ride Along Observation Form

Medication Storage

pdficon smallTraining Bulletin - Medication Storage Cabinets - July 17, 2015

pdficon smallTraining Bulletin - Cardizem Kits - June 26, 2015

700 MHZ Radio System Training

 Radio System Training - Part 1 General Overview - Video


 Radio Emergency Button Activation Overview - Video

pdficon smallAPX 6000 Quick Reference Card

pdficon smallAPX 4500 Quick Reference Card

pdficon smallAPX 6500 Quick Reference Card

pdficon smallAPX 6000 Slide Set - Part 2-A

pdficon smallAPX 4500 Slide Set - Part 2-B

pdficon smallAPX 6500 Slide Set - Part 2-C

pdficon smallRadio System Policy Overview - Part 3

pdficon smallFire and Rescue Talk Group Chart

pdficon smallRadio System Training Class Roll Sheet

pdficon smallFrequently Asked Questions - 12-08-15


Vehicles / Equipment

Ambulance Rotations

Ambulance Rotation Memo - Guidance

January - March 2016 Rotation

April - June 2016 Rotation

July - Sept 2016 Rotation

Oct - Dec 2016 Rotation

EMS Checks Sheets

pdficon small
First Aid Inventory

pdficon small
First Responder Inventory

pdficon small
Non-Transport BLS Inventory

pdficon small

Non-Transport ALS Inventory

pdficon small         
Daily Ambulance Check Sheet

pdficon small
Weekly Ambulance Check Sheet 

pdficon small
Ambulance Equipment Inventory

pdficon small
Unit Drug Box

 pdficon small
Unit Incendental Log

pdficon small
Station EMS Inventory - Rescue 1 and 2

pdficon small
Station EMS Inventory - Rescue 3 and 6

pdficon small
Station EMS Inventory - Rescue 5

pdficon small
Fire Admin Drug Box Inventory


Fire Apparatus General

pdficon small
Daily Engine Check Sheet

pdficon small
Engine Weekly Check Sheet

pdficon small

Vehicle Work Order Form

pdficon small
MERET EMS Bags on Fire Apparatus inventory and set-up guide

Fire Apparatus Unit Inventory
pdficon small
Reserve Engine Inventory

 pdficon small
Support 9 Inventory

Equipment Manuals

Zoll Monitors and AEDs

pdficon smallPublic Access AED Inventory

pdficon smallZoll E Series Operator's Guide

pdficon smallZoll E Series SurePower Battery

pdficon small

Zoll E Series SpO2

pdficon smallZoll E Series EtCO2

pdficon smallZoll E Series 12 Lead

pdficon smallZoll E Series NIBP

pdficon smallZoll E Series Bag Installation Guide

pdficon smallZoll E Series Soft Case Installation Guide

pdficon small
Zoll X Series Quick Reference Guide

Hose Testing Machine

Hpdficon smallose Test Machine Operators Guide

pdficon smallHose Test Machine Parts Drawings

Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)

pdficon smallInstructions for Use

Drager 5000 Gas Meters

pdficon smallQuick Use Card

pdficon smallInstructions

pdficon smallTechnical Manual

pdficon smallSlide Presentation

UTV 1 - Polaris

pdficon smallPolaris Crew 900 Owners Manual

pdficon smallPolaris Winch Manual

pdficon smallNorth Star Fire Skid Owners Manual

pdficon smallQTAC EMS-R Owners Manual

pdficon smallUTV - Check Sheet

pdficon smallUTV Pump Operations Quick Guide

pdficon smallUTV Skid Securing Quick Guide

pdficon smallUTV Trailer Anchoring Quick Guide

pdficon smallCaroline UTV Operators Guide

pdficon smallUTV Specifications Chart


Volunteer Application

pdficon smallCaroline Fire-Rescue Volunteer Application (best viewed with Internet Explorer)
     Once completed, please save and email to

pdficon smallCaroline Fire-Rescue Volunteer Application (to be used by anyone under 18 years of age)


News Updates

2017 Regional Fire Spring School

23rd Annual Spring Regional School Brochure is now avaible. The School will be held on April 1st and 2nd, 2017.  Click here to download a registration packet.

American Heart Association CPR

Caroline County Fire Rescue will be offering several CPR courses on Sunday, 19 February. These classes will all be taught at the Caroline County Emergency Operations Center located at 17202 Richmond Turnpike, Milford, Virginia 22514.

Course details are:
BLS Provider Recert 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
BLS Provider Recert 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Heartsaver CPR AED 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Heartsaver CPR AED 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Interested students can register for class by following the link to the the AHA website: and entering the "22514" zip code.  For any questions please contact the Lead Instructor Wayne Woo by email at

4PM Burn Law Begins Feb 15th

Caroline County Fire and Rescue would like to remind residents that the Virginia Department of Forestry’s 4:00 PM burning law will be in effect beginning on February 15th.

Training Bulletin: September 21, 2016

Caroline Fire Rescue has added QuikCLot EMS Rolled Gauze to all EMS Liscensed units and HALO Vent Chest Seals to all ambulances. Click here for details.

Training Bulletin Sept. 16, 2016

AutoPulse: Clearing "Error Code 45"