Emergency Services Commission

Established by the Caroline County Board of Supervisors in 2005, the Emergency Services Commission (ESC) serves as a citizen advisory committee to the Fire – EMS Chief.   The ESC members function as liaisons between the Chief and the citizens suggesting improvements in the overall system.  The Commission also helps with special projects, such as GIS mapping, to help enhance public safety throughout the community.

Commissioners from each of the six voting districts are appointed by the County Board.  Each member serves a four year term.  The ESC meets throughout the year.   All meetings are open to the public.

For more information on the ESC, please visit - http://www.co.caroline.va.us/firerescueESC.html

Frank ChapmanRichard Frank Chapman
P.O. Box 1162
16371 Braswell Street
Bowling Green, VA. 22427
Phone:(804) 633-7331
Mattaponi District
Term Expires: 06/2020


William WickWilliam "Bill" Wick
P.O. Box 20
Port Royal, VA 22535
(804) 867-5238
Port Royal District
Term Expires: 06/2019


jnunnaly12John Nunnally - Chair
23156 Sorrell Lane
Milford, VA 22514
Phone: (804) 633-4947
Bowling Green District
Term Expires: 06/2018


pchenault12Pam Chenault - Vice Chair
28178 Christie Lee Drive
Ruther Glen, VA 22546
(804) 994-5532
Reedy Church District
Term Expires: 06/2016


Karl Oelberg
200 Norfolk Drive
Ruther Glen, VA  22546
703-309-9346 Cell
Madison District
Term Expires 06/2017


Anthony D. Maida
33 Newton Cove
Ruther Glen, VA 22546
(804) 448-0196 - home
(540) 273-0357 - cell
Western Caroline District
Term Expires: 06/2016



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