Fire Safety Inspections at the Meadow Event Park

The Caroline County Department of Fire and Rescue has provided this information to assist vendors operating at the Meadow Event Park (MEP) with their fire safety inspections.   Fire Safety Inspections are required for all food vendors.

To schedule your Fire Safety Inspection call: 804-293-0269

Caroline Fire and Rescue does NOT charge for these required inspections; however, inspections must be complete before vendor operations may begin.

Food vendors should also expect separate health inspections performed by the Virginia Department of Health.   These inspections focus on food preparation and health safety issues.

Ride inspections are handled separately through the Caroline County Building Official’s Office.

Your Caroline County Fire Safety Inspection will focus on specific fire safety issues related to electrical use, the use of flame resistant tents, proper storing of propane, fire extinguishers, and suppression systems.  

Below is summary chart of our inspection process.
The provisions of the 2012 Virginia Statewide Fire Code shall be enforced.

Vendors are subject to a Fire Inspection from Caroline County Fire-Rescue

·         Fire Inspectors will be in uniform w/ Photo ID

·         Upon successful compliance with the Fire Code, a 2”x2” sticker will be affixed to the front corner of your stand/booth or tent. The sticker must remain in place for the duration of the event.


·         All fire extinguishers shall be tagged and IN-DATE at the start of the Event.

·         New extinguishers/untagged must have sales receipt.


·         All panels: Must be covered, secured, no open slots.

·         Taps/wires/cords must meet ampacity of the breaker.

·         Extension cords shall not be modified in any manner.

·         Min. clearance on panel boxes is: 30”w (x) 36”d (x) 78”h.

·         No combustible storage above the panel.


·         Cooking shall be allowed under a Flame Rated Tent (label affixed) only.

·         Table top emersion fryers w/ less than 3 gallons of media shall be allowed without a hood system.

·         2’ clearance shall be maintained between equipment and tent drapes/sides.

·         Tents shall have at least (1) 2A-40BC fire extinguisher.

·         No smoking sign shall be posted.

Suppression Systems

·         Must have an inspection tag, valid for the start of the event.

·         Suppression systems must be certified every 6 months, and must be valid at the start of the event.

·         Must provide adequate coverage of cooking area and be free of grease build-up.


·         Flat top electric or gas griddles shall be allowed without hoods.

·         Combustible storage shall not occur above a cooking device.

·         Wood or charcoal fires shall require additional   fire extinguishers.

·         Propane tanks shall be secured from tipping and nested if more than 1 tank. Tanks should be placed a min. of 10’ away from any tents.

·         If using a fryer, must have 1 type K extinguisher.

·         Vendors shall have at least (1) 2A-40BC fire extinguisher. Additional may be required.

Many vendors use their yearly trip to the MEP to have their annual fire extinguisher and hood suppression systems re-inspected.   For the convenience of their vendors, the Meadow Event Park has secured the following on-site services (note – Caroline does not endorse any one vendor):



Contact Phone #

Fire Suppression and Extinguisher Services  

 Fire Solutions  804-400-1573

 Southern States  804-551-1491
Tent Rental

 Topside Tent  804-751-0202
Electrical / Electrician

 Harris Electric  804-382-4456
Tow Service

 Anytime Towing  540-379-7115

For more information – please call 804-293-0269

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